Duelling DJs


Duelling DJs is a living room game we've usually played with AirPlay and an Apple TV.  We decided to see if it would scale to a 32-player bracket. Turns out it did! 

Rules: The two contestants have sixty seconds to choose a song (available on Spotify) that best represents the category that's been announced, and tell the DJ what it is.  If the second player chooses the same song as the first, the second player gets another minute to come up with a different song. The DJ loads both songs in Serato Pyro, plays a bit of each, and the crowd votes on the winner, who advances to the next round. Players can use their phones to look things up, except in the final. If you want to try this yourself, we just had the categories on slides in a Keynote presentation with a countdown timer on each slide.

Song categories for Duelling DJs at KiwiFOO 2017

Round 1
Nineties Girl Bands
One Hit Wonders
TV Theme Songs
Will Smith
Songs Featuring Numbers
Songs About a City
Best New Zealand Song
Heard At Weddings
Rap Mentioning Alcohol
Songs That Include Spelling
Songs From a Tarantino Soundtrack
Songs with ‘Song’ in the title
Unusual Covers
Songs About Food

Round 2
The Moon
Commonly Misheard Lyrics
Covers that are more famous than the original    
Artists that say their own name
Love songs by people who later came out as gay
Number one hits from 1992
Songs from movies starring Winona Ryder

Bands with fruit or veges in their name
Songs with police sirens
Singers who wear glasses
Songs used in tv commercials

Songs where the music video is set in a car
Bands made up of members of other bands

Worst song ever

Songs about sport